European Certification Body ECB ensures Burglary Protection for Safes

  • Reliable safe testing in periodically reviewed laboratories

  • Test methodology for secure storage units complies with European
    standard EN 1143-1

  • ECB puts burglar resistance of safes to the test

Frankfurt, 9 September 2019 You should be able to rely on tested security. But can buyers of secure storage units really trust that they will reliably protect their cash, jewellery and other valuables from thieves?

ECBS Comparison Test: Highest Quality of Laboratories

Successful Training Week ECB Cooperation Laboratories Equivalent To Other Market Participants

Frankfurt/M. March 2018. At the end of last month, the first comparative test of the ECB cooperation laboratories Istituto Giordano S.p.A. and Applus+ LGAI Technological Center took place at the Italian test laboratory Istituto Giordano. The test covered several free-standing safes. The aim of the test week was to ensure the comparability of the ECB laboratories with one another and, in addition, to harmonise test philosophies and processes.

ECBS: Publication of ECBS Recommendation for Service, Repair and Modification Operations

Preconditions for service operations that need to be carried out on locks, secure storage units as well as data cabinets and rooms

Frankfurt/M. February 2018. In January 2018, the European Certification Body GmbH published a non-binding service recommendation for service, repair, modification and maintenance work on ECBS certified products. The aim of this recommendation is to ensure a proper, comprehensible and, above all, comparable procedure for service operations.

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