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ECBS: Burglary Report 2017 Numbers of Burglaries in Germany are Slightly Falling

Risk of a break-in can be reduced with professional security systems

ECBS: Gas Attacks on ATMs Credit Institutions should consider refitting

ECBS: ATM Security Conference 2016

ECBS: Current Criminal Statistic shows Need for Action

Number of burglaries increases about 10 percent Proper protection of windows and doors rise the level of protection significantly

ECBS: Growing Numbers of Burglaries - Retrofitting increases Protection

Again more burglaries in Germany - protection can be increased retroactively - an accreditation for retrofitting products is implemented

ECBS: Better Prevention of Gas Attacks at the ATMs

An effective additional protection is frequently missing.

ECBS: Networking allows lock systems more flexibility and security

Intelligent lock systems with certified components increase security

ECBS: The anchoring of safes as a significant security factor

Only professional anchoring of safes makes them burglar- and fire-protected

ECBS: Doors and windows move to the forefront

2013 crime statistics underline the need for action

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