ECB•S: Growing Numbers of Burglaries - Retrofitting increases Protection

Again more burglaries in Germany - protection can be increased retroactively - an accreditation for retrofitting products is implemented

(As of: 26th April 2016)


Frankfurt/Main – April, 2016. ECB, the international certification body, issues certificates for retrofitting products for windows and doors. This increases the protection against burglary.

For the last year the German criminal statistic shows a growing number of burglaries again. Security aspects are frequently neglected because a higher priority is granted to design and costs. Retrofitting products provide the opportunity to increase the security level of earlier products. The installation of retrofitting products is usually more cost-efficient than all-in-one solutions. 

For doors and windows there are some quick solutions with a sustainable impact and easy usage. Examples for this are window locks for the handle and the hinge side. The accreditation enables the ECB to issue the ECB•S certificates for those retrofitting products, in alignment with the standards DIN 18104-1 and DIN 18104-2. 

„We are closing a significant security gap with those certifications”, says Dr. Markus Heering, managing director of ECB. The market demand is substantial. The fact that the number of burglaries increases year after year shows that the current security measures are not sufficient anymore and need to be adjusted to the new burglary techniques. 

„With the ECB•S certification a retrofitting is not only a compromise, but also an additional protection”, states Dr. Heering.


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ECB issues certificates for retrofitting products for windows and doors.

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