ECBS: Networking allows lock systems more flexibility and security

Intelligent lock systems with certified components increase security

(As of: 22nd October 2015)

Frankfurt/M October, 2015. Electronic lock systems, as they are used in banks or in trade, increase security thanks to additional features. ECBS-certified locks can be usefully networked.


The digitalization and networking of components also advances lock systems. Especially for banks and trade, additional features can make a big difference. Fast and secure one-time codes and day or week authorization are just a couple additional features for lock systems. An activity record can show, when and what kind of access has occurred. Furthermore, locks can be remotely configured, separately or collectively.


Thanks to remote control, unauthorised access can be shown immediately, and, if needed, an automatic alert message can be sent out to a security company. Since the lock systems management system is installed on the customers server, the customers own security standards can be used.


Since November 2013, high security requirements have been placed by European standards on networking systems. The aim is to minimalize the risks of misuse or manipulation resulting from networking.


Therefore, ECB recommends only the use of networking systems with ECBS-certified high security locks according to EN 1300.


The ECBS-certification makes sure that the security of lock systems is not affected by networking. The certification is based on tests on both the hardware and the software.


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The networking advances lock systems.

Photo: INSYS locks, Regensburg


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Certification body ECB recommends ECBS certified high security locks according to EN 1300.

Photo: ECB



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