"I would appreciate European Service Guidelines"

Interview with Vlado Vukotic, Managing Director of Vukotic Sicherungssysteme GmbH, Haar, ESSA member company since 2009

(As of: 13th September 2016)

FRANKFURT/MAIN – September 2016. Vukotic Sicherungssysteme is a family-run company, founded in 1995. It specializes in security technologies and mechatronics with focus on security containers.


Mr. Vukotic, what kind of services do you offer?


We offer service for all kinds of safes. This includes not only ECB•S-certified safes, but also old RAL-recognized products and ‘security products’ with unknown certification, respectively without one.


In which security industries are you active?


Our customers come from all kinds of security industries – banks, commerce and industry and also from the private sector.


You have relied on the ECB•S certification for several years now. What is the feedback you get?


ECB•S certified safes get approval from the security industries of our customers. However, together with ESSA’s support, we do the awareness training!


What are your biggest challenges?


It is our biggest challenge to meet the high expectations of our customers. Only when we suggest the best security solutions, the customer can make the right investment choice. The use of modern technologies that are employed for servicing of a locking system for example, also simplifies the handling of the safe for the customer in most of the cases.

The product cycles of high security locks are sometimes very long. Which technical trends dominate the market right now?


The trend of safe locking systems is definitely going in the direction of electronic high-security locks and network locks, as well as towards a distributed connection of safes with different security levels on partly different sites.


A big advantage of the European standards is their flexibility in regards to the new methods of burglary. Are we on the right path when it comes to locks?


Generally speaking, yes. Also in the future, the goal has to be pooling of experience in regards to the very different techniques used by lawbreakers to manipulate locks all over Europe, and their analysis and to integrate this within the European standard committees.


You fight against burglary and deceit. Are criminals one step ahead when it comes to technical developments?


I believe one can speak of a “neck-and-neck race”. Therefore, it is even more important to embrace the respective “modi operandi” in the activities of the responsible working group CEN/TC 263, and include them quickly in the updates of the European standards.


How can ESSA make an impact for its members?


ESSA does great, extensive public relations among others to support the ECB•S certification. Both users and insurance companies learn a lot about the advantages of the ECB•S-certified security containers compared to products with certification of unknown origin or without one. I would personally appreciate more binding guidelines from ESSA for the service on safes and other secure storage units.


What are your wishes in regards to standardization of security products?


Just as mentioned before: beside the European standards for safes and data storage cabinets, I would wish for “European service guidelines”.

Where is your main market?


Traditionally, our main markets have been in Germany and Austria. However, we are also active in the East- and South European markets. Our company is very flexible and we adjust to the needs of our customers, whatever city or country they come from.


How strong is the competition for a servicing company like yours?


Just as in the market for safes, the competition is strong. With the help of good and transparent communication and preparation of best security solutions, we try to convince our customers of our skills, so they decide for the service of our company.


For a security expert like yourself, where is your safest place?


I can’t tell exactly, because I am travelling a lot. However, I feel in good hands on my patio with a good wine and delicious food.



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Vlado Vukotic is managing director of Vukotic Sicherungssysteme GmbH, Haar,
Vukotic Sicherungssysteme GmbH


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