Data media are extremely sensitive

Are vulnerable to heat store them in data cabinets

"Clipping instead of cracking"

Poorly anchored safes are simply taken away by the burglars - Check the quality of the ground only massive concrete floors provide sufficient strength

New ECBS product locator available now

The ESSA informs about manufacturers and certified secure storage units.

ESSA with its own representative office in Moscow

Security requirements on the rise Liaison office supports market entry

General Assembly of the European Security Systems Association (ESSA)

In demand at home and around the world 65 members from 19 nations - 30 percent growth this year

Don`t buy a safe in a rush

ESSA advises against impulse purchases in the face of the present financial crisis: "It`s quality that counts"

Safes: Appearances are often deceiving

The burglary risk increases during the dark months - not every "tin box" can be trusted

"Snatching whatever is in there ..."

Old deposit systems are inviting to criminals - the ECBS certification considers the latest methods

Services on certified safes

Keep away unauthorised "qualified personnel" - ECBS certification expires - "Tinkering" is risky for security and insurance coverage

Discs stand no chance in the event of fire

ECBS-certified data cabinets: Blue mark protects from making the wrong investment