ESSA celebrates 40th anniversary

Established as international certification body - 51 members from 15 countries

(As of: 3rd December 2007)

FRANKFURT/M., December 2007. 40 years of FuP. This landmark anniversary was in the focus of this year's General Assembly of Forschungs- und Prüfgemeinschaft, founded in 1967 and renamed European Security Systems Association (ESSA) in 2005. "Four decades in the course of which this organization could position itself as an important certification body and adjust to higher and higher market requirements", said the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Harald Lüling. On the occasion of this landmark birthday, the globally oriented ESSA could announce the accession of the 51st member. Besides figures, personalia and developments, new scopes of certification and topical projects were presented in Frankfurt. In addition, the speakers informed about mega trends with smart cards and the latest security requirements in security printing.

The full press release is available as a Worddocument:
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