ECB•S: Current Criminal Statistic shows Need for Action

Number of burglaries increases about 10 percent – Proper protection of windows and doors rise the level of protection significantly

(As of: 22nd June 2016)


Frankfurt/Main – June 2016. The current criminal statistic of the Bundeskriminalamt (German Federal Criminal Police Office), abbreviated BKA, shows again an increase of burglaries for 2015. The European Certification Body issues certification marks for windows and doors. As a consequence the protection against break-ins can be increased relevantly.


According to the BKA, in 2015, the number of break-ins increased about 10 percent to 167 000 cases. The clearance rate, which sums up to 14.1%, is rather low. 

“Consumers have to take action on their own initiative to reinforce the protection of property“, Dr. Markus Heering, managing director of ECB in Frankfurt, says. Windows and doors are in the main focus of interest. Naturally they are the weak points in a house or an apartment. 

„A lot of break-ins could be avoided solely due to the fact that offenders do not have an easy access to enter a house or an apartment because of professional protection“, Dr. Heering says. 

For a long time windows and doors were optimized in the context of noise protection and heat insulation. The mechanical protection did not really move forward though. A lot of standard home entrance doors can be levered out with a common screwdriver within seconds. 

ECB issues certification marks according to EN 1627 for burglar resistant windows and doors. They have an extensive mechanical protection against burglaries. Even an implementation of ECB•S certificated retrofitting products according to DIN 18104-1 and DIN 18104-2 will increase the protection.

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BU Photo 212

Proper protection of windows and doors rise the level of protection significantly.

Photo: RIHA Ges. m.b.H., Ebreichsdorf/A


BU Photo 216

Consumers recognise recommendable doors by the blue ECB·S certification mark.

Photo: BIROSAFE Ltd., Strumica/MK


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ECB issues certification marks according to EN 1627 for intruder resistant windows and doors.

Photo: ECB


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