ESSA celebrates 40th anniversary

Established as international certification body - 51 members from 15 countries

Buying cheap may end up costing more ...

Be careful with bargain safes - Play it safe with the blue ECBS certification mark

Better don't use room safes Secure deposit of valuable items at the hotel

Only every fifth burglary crime is resolved

The criminals make off with their loot - no safe means material and sentimental losses

The typical chink in the armour: The base

Poorly anchored safes - Criminals remove the total safes

Safes and data cabinets

Methods of test for resistance optimized

Heat means an extremely high risk for business data

Use certified data cabinets - EN Standard 1047-1 up-dated

High temperatures are real data killers ...

Storage media are extremely sensitive - store at a fire-proof and dark place

Even more security for explosives storage depots in mining

Revision of the regulations considers EU Standards

Today at Emsdetten, tomorrow ? Youngsters easily get hold of weapons

ECBoS warns: Weapons cabinets can easily be forced open

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